“Kona” (as he allows himself to be known) was born Garath Arkona of the House Arkona of Korvosa, in honor of his famous ancestor. Kona was very much loved by the family; however, even at a young age, there were those who noticed that misfortune quickly visited those incurring the child’s ire. Living in Korvosa until age 10, his parents were directed by the Lord of the House to relocate to Nidal, supposedly there to oversee some of the family’s business interests. Many within the House believe that their service to the Lord had been viewed as unsatisfactory; some, however, suggest in whispers that even Lord Glorio had noticed the frequency of occurrences of ill fortune and the youth around whom it seemed to revolve, and may have personally ordered the move to distance himself from this “unlucky” child while avoiding a potential family split.

While in Nidal, Kona received battle training from an old warrior calling himself a Hex-Blade and claiming to be a fallen member of the Order of the Nail. Whether or not this was so, what was true was that he understood (and apparently shared) the youth’s aura of misfortune and taught him, among other things, how to apply it and his burgeoning arcane skills on command. His parents, fearing the disfavor of Lord Glorio and the other house leaders, were shocked and unhappy with him for nurturing those abilities they believed had been the reason they were sent away in the first place. Their attitudes lead him to the decision to find his own destiny away from the family’s business, the criminal nature of which was becoming increasingly clear and decreasingly attractive to Kona.

After completing his training, Kona (now 20) began travelling, heading north toward Korvosa. He passed through the city without announcing himself to his Korvosan relatives, witnessing evidence of the illegality (and sometimes brutality) of his family’s “business” along the way. He now simply follows his mentor’s final advice: search the world for your heart, and search your heart for the world. But as he travels, Kona feels sure that a darkness which seems to be encompassing his family follows not far behind…


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