Seven Pointed Star

Heading to the Fort

Having left Magnimar, the group crosses the Sanos forest where they meet up the gnome inhabitants and make friends with them. Then they arrive at Turtleback Ferry, a logging town. There they meet Shalelu Andosana, who they previously met in the first adventure at the town of Sand Point. Together they leave for Fort Rannick, but along the way find a bear in a trap. A half-ogre comes out of the woods to kill him and the party has other ideas. They follow the trail back to the ogre’s homestead and find a farmhouse full of traps and half breed ogres.

A New Journey Begins

Aydeen, ever the chaotic Varisian priestess of Desna left on her random way, leaving Magnimar with little notice after giving away most of her 6000 gp reward from the Mayor. About a month goes by and our remaining adventurers (Ghi Lhoren nd Ildurum) spend time looking for the booty (adding a little to their funds with some in-town work, some honest, some less than honest). Soon they are found by the Mayor’s assistant and asked to report the next day. When they arrive, they are asked to journey to a Fort Rannick some 150 miles away to see why the order of loyal soldiers there has not reported in for some times. The adventurers agree to this task for 300 gp each. Going with them will be two people who owed favors to the Mayor: a tall Shoanti warrior named Rugak and a Chelaxian priest of Cayden Cailean named Lenile Brodik. The season has now grown colder. The sun is less often in the sky and cool rains begins to come off the Varsian sea.

After the Fall

After the giant woman-snake creature falls and is killed, the PCs search her lair at the top of the clock tower. They take 3 magic items from the lamia matriarch: a mask with medusa-like appendages pointing away from the face, a tight snakeskin tunic, and an ancient Thassilonian weapon, the Impaler of Thorns. The Impaler of Thorns is an ancient crowd control device used like a spear with speacial powers. They also find a scroll tube with a long list of names, with the heading “Sihedron Sacrifices”. They recognize some names as from the town of Sandpoint and two are party members. The majority are from Magnimar, including Lord Mayor Haldmeer Groboras. They bring the information back to the Temple of Iomadae and the priestess tells the law of their findings. The Mayor is relieved and offers a grand dinner in their honor. The PCs have become heroes in Magnimar and are each granted 6000 gp by the Lord Mayor. After the meal Adina learns that she has been welcomed to the Temple of Iomadae and she leaves the party to join the Circle.

The next day, the PCs are shopping in the Bazaar of Sails district of Magnimar when a thief steals a jeweled dagger from Ghi Lhoren. The party lays chase and follows the thief into a basement dungeon. In the dungeon they face a fire trap and undead tomb motes (creatures that move quickly and are made of bits of skin, fur, and teeth). The dungeon is filled with 3 feet of water, but they find a hidden room with a spectre. After they destroy the spectre, the water level goes down. Another room above the water level has a casket containing an animated corpse that they make quick action of. In that room, the thief is hiding and surprises Ghi Lhoren again, attacking him with his own dagger.

Finally they kill the thief and regain the dagger. A search of the dungeon leads to other rooms containing the animated skeleton of an ettin and horrid creatures called skin kites that fly and attach to your skin taking away Charisma each round. One hooks onto Aydeen and has to be violently removed. Finally they escape the dungeon and return to the streets of Magnimar.

Battle in the Clock Tower

The battle in the clock tower began with an invisible creature quietly stalking the near helpless adventurers. She first cast spells from her invisible protection. Then a nameless demon appears and threatens, but turns out to be an illusion. The unknown inhabitant of the tower begins to cast spells on the adventurers and puts two into a magical deep sleep. She also tried several spells that failed. Finally she is spotted by an adventurer and becomes visible to all.

At this point she is attacked by the whole party and in return attacks and injures a few with her strange ancient looking wooden spear. She manages to make it to the door and tries to fly. Adina’s loyal mount, the Pegasus, however, fights her mid-air and due a spell attack on the creature it is stunned long enough to fall. She falls long enough to be in range to be hit by a number of opponents and falls back down to the scafolding and is soon killed.

XP at this time are: Ild 22286 Ghi 21139 Ayd 20598

Ghi Lhoren advances to 7th level.

Story So Far

Burnt Offerings: In the first of the Runelord series, the party assists the town of Sandpoint by first saving them from a Goblin raid. They meet the wealthy Aldern Foxglove by saving him from death at the hands ofthe goblins. They next find and defeat the evil Tsuto Kaijitsu (brother of the friendly Ameiko, owner of The Rusty Dragon Inn) and his goblin allies in his father’s glass factory rumored to have extensive tunnels underneath. Later they locate and destroy the Thisletop goblin tribe in their hideout on an island off the rugged Varisian coast north of town. Only the goblin tribe’s druid, Gogmurt escaped. Later they discover ruins from the Thassilon Empire under the goblin hideout and defeat Nualia, a female cleric of the evil goddess Lamashtu and her allies who had rallied the goblins to raid the town. Finally the party kills a Bharghest locked for thousands of years in a chamber under the island. The party returned as town heroes.

The Skinsaw Murders: Soon after they return to town, the sheriff asks for their help to solve recent grusome murders where grusome seven pointed stars have been carved into the bodies of the victims. At the same time, Aydeen, female cleric of Desna, begins to receive haunting love letters that appear to be from the murderer. At first some in the party suspect the Scarnetti family that lives in town, but soon the trail leads to ghoul attacks in the farmlands outside of town. Finally the party kills all the ghouls and the trail leads on to a house known as Misgivings owned by the family of Aldern Foxglove. The house turns out to be haunted and filled with various haunts. In the caverns below the house the party finally finds their former friend Aldern Foxglove who had become a ghoul himself and was beyond help. In his belongings they find hints that the trail of murder leads to the City of Magnimar to the south. They travel to the city and Adina contacts the temple of Iomadae for help. They gather information and soon discover Aldern’s townhouse and find two killers (faceless stalkers) waiting for them there. They defeat them, capturing one and manage to interogate him, but he eventually escapes after being turned over to the law. Next they follow the trail to a sawmill owned by the Brothers of the Seven and find it occupied by a death cult, led by none other than Justice Ironbriar. They face trial, but their association with the temple of Iomadae and the evidence show they are not guilt of murder. Next the path leads to an old clock tower in the Shadow district under the ancient Thassilon bridge. Here they fight a large and powerful flesh golem and narrowly avoid disaster when a huge bell falls on them from above. They fly and climb to the top of the tower and face three more faceless stalkers, killing two and tying one into a robe hangng from a beam with a 160 foot drop. Ascending scafolding outside the tower, they reach a chamber in the roof and are immediately subject to magical attacks from an invisible creature who is finally revealed to be a large half woman, half viper. She wears a strange mask and holds a wooden spear with a spike-like head as she aims to kill.

Today is the 11th of Lamashtan (second month of fall), 6 PM. It is the 21st day of the campaign.

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