Aydeen Nadya

A cleric-fighter of Desna, Aydeen dreams of traveling the world to become a better chovihano to her people.


5th Level Cleric, 1st Level Fighter

Str 14 (+2)
Dex 8 (-1)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 10 (+0)
Wis 17 (+3)
Cha 14 (+2)
HP = 42
AC = 25
Initiative = -1
Fort = +9
Ref = +2
Will = +9

Aydeen was born and raised in a nomadic Varisian clan that traveled all over the land of Varisia, trading goods and entertaining crowds for a living. Since dancing was both a favorite pastime and a way of earning income, all clan girls were taught basic dance steps at a very young age. It soon became apparent that Aydeen did not possess inborn talent nor acquired much proficiency in either dancing or playing musical instruments; despite an obvious love of music, she was far too clumsy to gain any real skill in the arts, marking her at odds with most of her Varisian clan members. Although Aydeen felt somewhat isolated from the other clan girls because of this, she was never lonely, thanks to her older brother. Ayadin was one of the best fighters in the clan, even at a young age, mastering both sword and bow quickly. He would spend some of his free afternoons sparring with his younger sister, teaching her how to handle a sword, how to best defend with a shield, and how to maneuver in heavy armor should she choose to wear it. Ayadin and Aydeen both served on the rotating clan guard, taking their turns at both watches and hunting expeditions. Once in a while the clan guard would organize an exploring mission, and though Aydeen rarely participated on these ventures due to her young age and sometimes her sex, she adored the few missions she did partake in, reveling in the excitement of exploring new forests, discovering unknown caves, or meeting new people and races.

As time passed, Aydeen’s parents noted that she possessed another sort of talent…she was always looking after the other children, especially when they were injured or ill, and she was forever nursing some small animal back to health. Small cuts and bruises even seemed to heal right before their eyes if Aydeen’s hands came near the injury. Her kind nature and her desire to help others around her seemed to be her real gift, so Aydeen was apprenticed to the clan chovihano after completing her basic schooling. Previously Aydeen showed no love for her studies and was an average student; however, she only seemed to be lacking a subject close to her heart. Aydeen fell in love with the art of healing and quickly became proficient with basic divine magic under her master’s guidance.
Aydeen’s new training encouraged both introspective insight and overcoming physical challenges; her master would often set tasks or small missions that Aydeen had to accomplish in order to learn a particular aspect or skill necessary to being a chovihano. Some of these tasks included hardship, to encourage development of physical and mental toughness. Other tasks required thoughtfulness, patience, and divining the will of the goddess Desna. Trusting one’s instinct is more important than trusting one’s senses: after all, your senses can lie to you. Aydeen learned that Desna watches over those that not only praise her name but also those who watch out for themselves. Followers of Desna believe in freedom and mystery, and in living life to its fullest extent. Desna grants her people the ability to come and go as they choose, the ability to marry and live where they will, and the cunning to resist becoming easy targets by not revealing more personal information than necessary. A certain aspect of mystery is desirable on many levels…simple people are too often fools. Mystery can intrigue, seduce, and protect.

Desna often reveals her divine will through dreams, visions, and the night sky. Those who are skilled at reading the stars and interpreting dreams are Desna’s messengers, and those who bring back stories of their foreign travels are those who experience all life has to offer, and live with Desna’s pleasure. Aydeen desires to fulfill her role as Desna’s messenger to her people, developing the traits necessary to be a great chovihano, and plans to do so by becoming an adventurer; not only will she satisfy her inborn wanderlust, but she will attempt to unravel some of the mysteries that have lingered over Varisa since before she was born. Throughout her years of training, Aydeen continued her sparring with Ayadin, using his help to improve her strength and while her healing training improved her willpower. Now the time has come to put that training to the test. Aydeen plans to depart from her family caravan after they reach Sandpoint during their next trading visit, gather any supplies she will need, and begin seeking answers to the larger questions that most of the cityfolk choose to ignore, taking with her the lessons learned from both her clan’s chovihano and her brother. She hopes to bring about some good in a troubled land, but mostly she hopes to test herself in her travels and prove herself worthy to lead her people on Desna’s path.

Aydeen Nadya

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