Seven Pointed Star

Battle in the Clock Tower

The battle in the clock tower began with an invisible creature quietly stalking the near helpless adventurers. She first cast spells from her invisible protection. Then a nameless demon appears and threatens, but turns out to be an illusion. The unknown inhabitant of the tower begins to cast spells on the adventurers and puts two into a magical deep sleep. She also tried several spells that failed. Finally she is spotted by an adventurer and becomes visible to all.

At this point she is attacked by the whole party and in return attacks and injures a few with her strange ancient looking wooden spear. She manages to make it to the door and tries to fly. Adina’s loyal mount, the Pegasus, however, fights her mid-air and due a spell attack on the creature it is stunned long enough to fall. She falls long enough to be in range to be hit by a number of opponents and falls back down to the scafolding and is soon killed.

XP at this time are: Ild 22286 Ghi 21139 Ayd 20598

Ghi Lhoren advances to 7th level.



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