Seven Pointed Star

After the Fall

After the giant woman-snake creature falls and is killed, the PCs search her lair at the top of the clock tower. They take 3 magic items from the lamia matriarch: a mask with medusa-like appendages pointing away from the face, a tight snakeskin tunic, and an ancient Thassilonian weapon, the Impaler of Thorns. The Impaler of Thorns is an ancient crowd control device used like a spear with speacial powers. They also find a scroll tube with a long list of names, with the heading “Sihedron Sacrifices”. They recognize some names as from the town of Sandpoint and two are party members. The majority are from Magnimar, including Lord Mayor Haldmeer Groboras. They bring the information back to the Temple of Iomadae and the priestess tells the law of their findings. The Mayor is relieved and offers a grand dinner in their honor. The PCs have become heroes in Magnimar and are each granted 6000 gp by the Lord Mayor. After the meal Adina learns that she has been welcomed to the Temple of Iomadae and she leaves the party to join the Circle.

The next day, the PCs are shopping in the Bazaar of Sails district of Magnimar when a thief steals a jeweled dagger from Ghi Lhoren. The party lays chase and follows the thief into a basement dungeon. In the dungeon they face a fire trap and undead tomb motes (creatures that move quickly and are made of bits of skin, fur, and teeth). The dungeon is filled with 3 feet of water, but they find a hidden room with a spectre. After they destroy the spectre, the water level goes down. Another room above the water level has a casket containing an animated corpse that they make quick action of. In that room, the thief is hiding and surprises Ghi Lhoren again, attacking him with his own dagger.

Finally they kill the thief and regain the dagger. A search of the dungeon leads to other rooms containing the animated skeleton of an ettin and horrid creatures called skin kites that fly and attach to your skin taking away Charisma each round. One hooks onto Aydeen and has to be violently removed. Finally they escape the dungeon and return to the streets of Magnimar.



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