Seven Pointed Star

A New Journey Begins

Aydeen, ever the chaotic Varisian priestess of Desna left on her random way, leaving Magnimar with little notice after giving away most of her 6000 gp reward from the Mayor. About a month goes by and our remaining adventurers (Ghi Lhoren nd Ildurum) spend time looking for the booty (adding a little to their funds with some in-town work, some honest, some less than honest). Soon they are found by the Mayor’s assistant and asked to report the next day. When they arrive, they are asked to journey to a Fort Rannick some 150 miles away to see why the order of loyal soldiers there has not reported in for some times. The adventurers agree to this task for 300 gp each. Going with them will be two people who owed favors to the Mayor: a tall Shoanti warrior named Rugak and a Chelaxian priest of Cayden Cailean named Lenile Brodik. The season has now grown colder. The sun is less often in the sky and cool rains begins to come off the Varsian sea.



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